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Horizontal Band Saw Hydraulic Cylinder Down Feed Kit


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Select the SawCyl assembly with the gage or without the gage:

Band Saw Hydraulic Down Feed Kit


Model 2025G with the gage is $189 US with free shipping.

Model 2025 without the gage is $169 US with free shipping.

In stock and ships in 1 to 2 business days.

Upgrade your band saw with a hydraulic down feed kit.  Fully assembled and bolts right on to a Harbor Freight 4 x 6 inch metal cutting band saw and many more brands.  The kit comes fully assembled and easily mounts with two 3/8 inch bolt.  The holes are already in your saw.  No drilling of new holes required.  Just bolt it on.

The extension length is 16-1/4 to 20-1/4 inches.  The length is easily changed to fit almost any application with 7/16-20 all thread rod.  This assembly will also mount on a Jet, Dayton, Grizzly, Norther, Klutch, Delta, Craftsman and many more horizontal band saws.  Look for the 20-1/4 inch measurement from the current spring attachment hole to a leg mounting hole in the steel casting.

The needle valve will stop the blade right over the cut for easy measurement.

There is very fine adjustment of the cutting speed. 

The SawCyl comes in two versions, one with a pressure gauge and one without.  In the version that includes the pressure gauge, you can actually control the load on your blade in the cut.  This feature is well worth the extra few dollars.

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